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Why Mulching? Five Major Benefits of Mulch in the Garden

  Mulch is any material that covers and protects the soil.  In nature, leaves, dead branches, rocks, and even low green plants plants can form layers of mulch.  When we bring mulch into our gardens, we are replicating the processes of nature in order to give our plants a good foundation for growth and health,…

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Roses + How to Prune Them

Roses are finicky, right? How do I prune them? February is rose pruning time.  We like to get going on this task as soon as Valentine’s day rolls around, because this is the time when roses are most likely to be fully dormant.  Pruning your roses each year will keep your plants more vigorous, producing…

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5 Steps to Winterize your Central Texas Garden

Okay, so it’s winter… or at least as winter as it’ll ever be here in Central Texas.  What does your garden need this season and what should I do now to prepare for spring? Cut back your perennial plants.  As you may have noticed, we’ve had a freeze or two, so perennials have either gone…

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